A shout out to our Web hosting company. "Bravo!"

I tend to be something of a control freak. And I don’t like to recommend marketing or PR tactics that I haven’t tried myself first. So when it was time to launch Imagine-That-Creative.com as a WordPress blog, I spent many late nights trying (and failing) to understand PHP and the innards of WordPress.

Then, when it came time to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, I was ready to admit that I didn’t want to deal with it. I was afraid of breaking the website into tiny irregular shards.

Doteasy.com to the rescue!

I’ve been using Doteasy.com for several years, to host a little personal website and email services. A friend turned me on to their $0 web hosting. (Yes, $0, as in “free.”) They’re VERY newbie-friendly, and “free” is hard to argue with.

When the company (Imagine That Creative) was looking for hosting, of course I recommended Doteasy.com. And their higher-bandwidth paid hosting services have been great.

I had planned to do the upgrade imagine-that-creative.com myself, but I chickened out in the end. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I finally broke down and called Doteasy.com tech support to upgrade the company’s blog to WordPress 2.7. And the transition was totally seamless. (Of course, I backed everything up first.)

I am thrilled with the service and technical support we’ve received. And I believe it’s good Karma to acknowledge good work.  So I’m giving Doteasy.com a guest spot in today’s post.

Stay tuned…as I discover other great vendors, I’ll share reviews with you in the blog.

Take it away, Doteasy.com!

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