Lead copywriter and public relations specialist Kathleen Hanover started doing marketing and PR “in the trenches” just after she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (turns out, PR pays way better than directing Shakespeare.) And twenty years later, she still gets a kick out of creating results for Imagine That Creative’s clients.

During her career in the arts and non-profit sectors, she learned how to write everything from news releases to public service announcements to grant applications.

Several years in the Real Estate industry (as a Re/Max® Realtor®, certified home inspector, and home stager) gave Kathleen unique insights into marketing big-ticket items (homes), professional services, and even herself – because every Realtor is a brand.

Years later, after she joined an internationally recognized B2B marketing agency, she learned how to write – and more importantly, strategize – just about anything else.

Kathleen has written literally hundreds of sales letters, postcards, web landing pages, brochures and flyers, product descriptions, email campaigns, articles, press releases and various other bits of marketing, public relations and advertising copy during her career.

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