“I found Kathleen via an Internet search for freelance Public Relations. I’m normally hesitant about working with people who I have not met personally and skeptical about working with someone who doesn’t live and work where I do (New York City). Kathleen’s diligence and passion persuaded me to give her a shot and I’m glad that I did. Kathleen came to me with a creative way to market my web site, something I certainly never would have envisioned and something no other marketer had thought of. She produced a very thorough outline of what had to be done and executed it flawlessly. Kathleen’s confidence and enthusiasm were infectious and she was extremely easy to work with. The project was a huge success and I have Kathleen to thank for helping market my web site in an innovative way that was noticed by many people across New York City. I look forward to working with Kathleen again and recommend her to others without reservation.”

Aaron Finkel, Founder
New York Sports Connection

Kathleen is the queen of content and a true SEO Ninja! Unfortunately, our previous web designer missed the mark, and under delivered when it came to building us an effective, Search Engine Optimization website. We were failed terribly and over charged drastically. Our Internet based business was lost in the dark deep, vast Internet Ocean. Google Adwords bills were piling up and our organic search was going nowhere. Kathleen Hanover came to our rescue.

Not only is Kathleen effective, she is as equally delightful to work with, and Kathleen genuinely cares about our small business. Kathleen has a steadfast approach to SEO Marketing – press releases and fresh content. Coupled with her coaching, and brilliant insight into our very competitive industry; she has enabled our business to make a lasting mark of success. Kathleen is refreshingly honest and doesn’t shy away from a challenge. In three months, Kathleen has taken us out of “the Sandbox” and catapulted ToursKeyWest.com onto the 1st page of Google, and our organic traffic has more than tripled. Thank you, Kathleen Hanover!

Melinda Mitchell

“Kathleen Hanover wrote copy for our sales page…The copy was perfect. We made zero changes, it was Copy-Paste ready. We just took the copy, added some pictures, added a payment button, and our site was up and selling.

And SELLING it was…

I’d like to share my conversion data from the Adwords test:

Overall Untargeted Campaign – 0.75%
Overall Targeted campaign – 2.26%
Our Most Targeted Term – 15.79% (19 Clicks, 3 Sales)

The worst keywords, most untargeted junk keywords we could pick out, were converting at almost 1%. Our best keyword (the one we were targeting with Kathleen’s copywriting) was churning out sales at an unheard of rate. We don’t have enough data to conclusively state the conversion rate, but an initial 15%+ conversion rate is incredible!

I’ve always heard that you need to spend $10,000 or more for good copy. That’s non-sense. Hire Kathleen and get incredible copy at a fraction of the price.

She didn’t charge us $10k, but if she had it would have been worth every penny.”

Mike Burngasser

“When I called her in a panic, Kathleen Hanover had our new website set up and populated with content in 3 business days. She rewrote the awful content we wrote ourselves when she realized it would hurt our SEO and sales. Then she submitted the site to over 30 search engines, started an SEO link-building campaign and in four days, our dental postcards site was on Page 3 of Google in a very competitive keyword.

Kathleen has been telling me for months she could do a good job for us, but I was stubborn and convinced I could do the marketing myself. I’ve wasted six months trying to learn how to do what she did for us in six days. We’re just getting started, but I am sure we have what it will take to succeed with Kathleen’s help. I wish I had just pulled the trigger months ago.”

Six month update:

“Without doing zip, without touching the site in 3+ months, no updates whatsoever, I ended up in second place of Google USA. I think my Google ranking is a combination of good hints on tapping filenames as yet underexploited search engine keywords, and Kathleen’s talent…Every image tag, every file name, has been optimized for the keywords.”

Jean-François Avon
Dental Postcards Studio

“As Director of Sales at MediaPro, Inc., I have had the great pleasure to have used the services of Kathleen Hanover. With Kathleen’s help, MediaPro was able to have articles published in [an industry] publication that is quite particular about the articles they accept. These articles helped raise the visibility and increase the reputation of MediaPro in a field that is packed with high profile competitors. Kathleen used a writing style that appealed to our C-level audience. She is very talented in taking the comments of multiple contributors and distilling from them the most essential and thought-provoking content that will entice and impact the reader. We feel most fortunate to have Kathleen supporting our objectives and will continue to use her as often as possible.”

John Block

“Kathleen, I have been around the block a few times, and have worked with many PR firms in the past. None had the passion as you do!! A lot of what you stated I had to find out in a trial and error way but your information put it all in context in my mind, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

Tony Cott
Maverick Hypnotics

“Kathleen Hanover knows what she is doing. We know sales better than anyone else and we only work with the best. Kathleen is that. If you’re fortunate enough to have her working on your behalf, you need not worry. Listen to what she says. You may not like to hear this, but she probably knows more about your marketing/PR challenges than you do. If you can get her time to work on your program, do it.”

Roger Wentworth
Sandler Training by The Roger Wentworth Group, Inc.

“I am thrilled with the results I have gotten working with Kathleen Hanover. In less than three months she has created and started to execute a complete marketing and PR strategy for me. She has written and distributed multiple publication-quality press releases (more on that later); she has helped me attract well over 1,000 targeted followers on Twitter, she created a number of high-quality SEO backlinks to my website, she completely revised my LinkedIn profile for SEO, and best of all, she got me coverage on Page 2 of the Sunday Los Angeles Times sports section, where I was quoted as an expert in my field.

One thing it took me time to recognize was the quality of her press releases. Not only does Kathleen Hanover include all the targeted keywords for Google optimization and search engine results (that we defined in our goals), she writes the news release to AP standards. If Kathleen writes a news release, it won’t be some garbage SEO article that gets tossed aside. Kathleen’s press releases are of higher quality and are more content-rich than any news releases I’ve seen before, which is how she gets me noticed by journalists. And that’s how Kathleen got me into the LA Times.

I didn’t understand social media marketing or PR until very recently, and I may not fully understand it still, but I don’t have to, because I know Kathleen does. I don’t need a yes man, I need marketing and PR results. And Kathleen Hanover gets results.”

Scott Sandland
Certified Hypnotherapist
Goal Oriented Hypnotherapy

“Kathleen Hanover is a powerful and creative copywriter. Not only has her work specifically improved the individual projects she was hired to complete, her work has resulted in a marked improvement in our company’s overall messaging. I confidently recommend Kathleen to any who have a direct marketing or web copy need.”

Larry McKnight
VP, Marketing Resource Development

“We were having issues with our direct response mailers and we decided to hire Kathleen Hanover to write us a letter that would help clients in our vertical realize how our IT services could help them improve their billing hours. Kathleen did a great job at it and delivered a very effective direct mail letter. I would definitely recommend Kathleen to any business that needs to get their client’s attention.”

Saeer Butt
Project Manager
Zaphyr Technologies

“I was delighted with the web content Kathleen Hanover wrote for my website. The proof was in the many comments I received after my site was launched, which included that it accurately reflected my business, my style and the expertise I would bring to a client. Kathleen listened to my needs and developed content that reflected the true sense of who I am. She was wonderful and creative and continues to be available whenever I need an additional insights. I would highly recommend Kathleen as a direct marketer and business partner.”

Michelle Tenzyk
East Tenth Group, Inc.

“Kathleen’s quick wit and bright mind shine in her work as a creative writer and PR and Marketing Strategist. The best people in any business are those that love their work and are using their natural talents and strengths on a daily basis. Writing and PR work come as naturally as breathing to Kathleen Hanover. Her advice has been invaluable to me as I continue to refine the marketing plan for my business. I can highly recommend her!”

Mia Turpel
Business Coach
Performance Support Partners

“Kathleen was fabulous to work with. She was a consummate professional, even when faced with a couple of challenging curveballs. The final product was outstanding. Kathleen Hanover will be the first person I call for my next writing project.”

Cathy Shaughnessy
Certified Executive Coach
Perspective In Action

“Kathleen Hanover listened to my input about our products, customers, and promotional offer, put it together with her sales and marketing expertise, and created a series of terrific renewal letters for our subscribers. Her copy effectively markets our products and clearly communicates the “special renewal offer”. Kathleen’s willingness to share her marketing knowledge helped my company avoid pitfalls, and I believe her input will increase our renewal rate.”

Terry Baker, PharmD
The RxConsultant

“A service provider’s true character and integrity come out when projects get sticky. I recently hired Kathleen to design a PowerPoint template for a very important client meeting. My expectations were high and my time line was incredibly short. Not only did she deliver on time, she also accepted my input on last minute revisions without getting upset or giving me any grief. Kathleen is a great project manager and an even greater marketing strategist. I would recommend her to anyone….except my competitors!”

Ben Brickweg, MBA
Venator Business Advisors

“Kathleen Hanover exceeded all my expectations! She had no difficulty whatsoever understanding my industry and my prospects. She developed an INGENIOUS campaign and I have already started a second project and look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship. Thank you so much!”

Michael Carducci
Professional Magician and Entertainer

“Kathleen is a PR machine! We worked together on one of the most hectic non-profit campaigns I’ve experienced. I watched her work her muscle getting press attention, national media coverage, building executive client relationships, and writing tons of brilliant marketing copy. She definitely has a way with words. She’s a hard working, internet-age communicator I surely would work with again.”

Justin Flores
Web Designer/Multimedia Expert

“The experience of working with Imagine That Creative has pushed through my preconceived ideas of how to talk about my business with fantastic results. I now love people to ask me what I do! Highly recommend and will be using again.”

Karen Oates

“In working with Kathleen Hanover for over four years, I found her to be a reliably valuable resource for all things marketing communications. Her fluid and conversational writing style makes her a good choice for a wide variety of assignments. What’s more, Kathleen is extremely resourceful in finding just the right solution for even the most esoteric marketing problems. She has a first-rate imagination, yet she’s analytical at the same time…always asking the right questions to uncover both powerful selling benefits and potential strategic flaws. It’s important to note that Kathleen has a particular strength in Public Relations. She’s adept at developing innovative programs for her clients that are newsworthy and have great word-of-mouth appeal. I encourage you to contact her when you have need of a dependable marcom professional.”

Dom Cimei
Chief Creative Officer

“We had a fantastic experience!! Kathleen had an excellent and quick grasp of complex material, and did an impeccable job, adhering to a tight schedule. Well done!! Will be delighted to use you again!! Highly recommended!!”

Moshe Rogosnitzky
Co-Founder & CEO
MedInsight Research Institute

“Kathleen’s always a pleasure to work with. She knows her stuff—PR, copy and marketing—and always delivers it cheerfully, on time and on target. I’ve known her for probably six or seven years now, and I can’t think of a time when her positive attitude didn’t make the day better and improve the final product. There’s nothing she isn’t willing and capable of tackling with aplomb.”

Mark Martel
Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator

“Excellent job….Kathleen went over and beyond project scope on front page direct response web page for www.EfficientLove.com and for the Amazon landing page for book. Will most certainly use Kathleen’s services again! Highly recommended!”

Robert Goodman
Author, Business Coach
Efficient Love

“…folks let me tell you that Kathleen is AMAZING!!! She will find the voice of your company and she will do it well. Her results have been FAR above expectations! Don’t hesitate for a minute to hire her for anything!”

Bruce Brown
Estate Planning Professional
Affordable Alternatives Estate Planning

“Kathleen Hanover is a very inventive and resourceful creative person, capable of much more than just concepting and writing. She’s very skilled at interviewing and research gathering, and can uncover nuggets and gems that will drive strategies to a higher level of relevance. She is also very creative and able to quickly produce a variety of distinct conceptual angles from a single brief, which makes her a valued, and busy, ‘go-to’ creative resource.”

Dave Nichols

“I hired Kathleen to write a sales letter that represented my service well. I wanted something that clearly expressed what I do, and justified the expenditure for a one-year coaching program. Kathleen so far exceeded my expectations that I hired her to write a squeeze page for the same project.”

Angie Dixon
Writing & Author Coach

“A successful marketing campaign is not complete until the awards are won and Kathleen Hanover will not settle for anything less.… She is a joy to work with and literally takes each project from conception to the award ceremony!”

Mary Frances Rodriguez
Marketing Coordinator
Buckeye Insurance Group

“Kathleen’s writing is clear and well-constructed. Every sentence flows logically and her paragraphs are joined by an inescapable logical progression. Her intelligence shows in every word of her prose.”

Raul Ramos y Sanchez
America Libre

“ImagineThatCreative is a great service! If you are considering Kathleen for your project feel free to hire her. She is honest, clever and productive. I recomend her highly and am very happy with her work. She will make you money – without doubt.”

Bill Stacy
Stock Options Trading Educator
One Day Wealth

“Kathleen Hanover offers a unique and fresh approach to business writing. A pleasure to work with in every way.”

Adam Zak
Lean Executive Recruiter
Adam Zak Executive Search

“Imagine That Creative was very easy to work with; thorough, professional. We quickly established a good rapport; Kathleen asked insightful questions about the project and our needs and goals. Kathleen was able to effectively use her skills and experience to help us define our marketing & advertising direction. Without reservation, I would highly recommend Imagine That Creative and would definitely call upon Kathleen’s expertise again.”

Don Alfano
Poolside Marketing, LLC

Every project we undertake for a client is done on a “custom” basis, with unique goals, strategies, tactics and budgets. Therefore it is impossible to identify a “typical” result. As every project is unique, and every client is unique, every client testimonial is unique and should be considered individually.